Saturday, November 17, 2012

Between Fad and Fashion: Know the Difference

Fashion is always changing and you sometimes end up not being able to catch up with it. How many times have you bought a new outfit and ended up just wearing it once because it was no longer in fashion? Were there times that you bought a lot of stuff that ended up at the back of your closet, never to see daylight again? Don’t you just cringe when you remember what you wore it once just because it was the “trend”?

With the way fashion changes in an instant, it becomes really difficult to distinguish which is fad and which is true fashion. You most probably end up buying tons of stuff that you never get to wear the next year or worse, the next week, and thus, were not worth the money that you paid for them. Here are some tips to help you all along.

Know the Trend, Know Yourself

It is actually very easy to know what the next trend is going to be. You get a hint of this when you watch popular television shows and observe famous actors and actresses. Celebrities are usually the ones who promotes a new trend and if you don’t really like gossiping about their lives, then think that this is one way of finding out what the next fashion is going to be.

Finding what’s popular now is actually very easy. You will see images in magazines, designs copied in stores and the most telling part is when somebody you know is wearing them. The important question to ask yourself is, “Can I wear them?” and “Will I have the opportunity to wear it?”

Don’t just buy something because it is the new trend without being sure yourself that you can wear it. Don’t just stash it in the far corners of your closet thinking that you could probably put it to good use someday. There is really no point in buying something that you are not sure you could wear.

Keep Up with Fashion, Ignore the Fad

It is very tempting to buy the latest skinny jeans or indulge in a pair of espadrilles but you should stock up on the basics and classic pieces first. Classic pieces like the little black dress, black slacks, white button down shirt, jeans and a black pencil skirt are fashion pieces that never go out of style.

For example, leopard prints are the latest trend and you want to try the look out. Instead of buying every article of clothing that has a leopard print in it, why not buy a few accessory pieces or two just to satisfy your curiosity and give you that updated, new fashion look? You can buy headbands with leopard prints or pumps with leopard prints and pair those up with classic pieces like a pair of jeans and a white button down shirt.

Don’t get caught up in fashion to the point that you don’t get to decide yourself if you look good or not. Know yourself, know your body and decide to wear what you like and what looks great. Sometimes, fashion is just all about common sense.