Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fashion And Love

Fashion, fashion, fashion – what is it? Fashion, of course, is what we see in fashion magazines and designer shop windows, but it is all there is to it? Don’t be misled. Fashion is also part of your life and not only to do with shopping and expensive boutiques. There are different aspects to it. First of all, not everything that is in fashion suits everyone and what suits one person might not suit another. Similarly, what looks beautiful in one situation might not look it in another. Furthermore, fashion is not only clothes; fashion is also style and personality.

This is where the phenomenon of mimicry comes in. Blind mimicry is distortion of fashion. There is always en extent to which one can and should follow the trends. At a certain point, your personality gives way. Do not miss out on that. This what really makes you look special and unique. It is especially painful to see fuller women squeeze into clothes that they bulge out of in order to look thinner. It is also uncomfortable to look at middle aged women trying to emulate fifteen year old anorexic models. No matter how thin your waist is, you will never be able to mask wrinkles and slight bodily deformities caused by age. What is left to do? Be yourself.

In all cases, it is important to wear clothes that would not make you look ”too young” or “too thin” and which would make you feel relaxed, unrestrained and confident. How do you look for such clothes? First you have to deal with yourself. Ask yourself who you are, what your character is like. Are you open? Do you like change? Are you active, or, on the contrary, not so? What is your occupation like?

When you see a woman wearing an eccentric red dress in the middle of the day, with the hair dyed red, you probably think that she has a mild psychological problem – lacking in balance, maybe a bit hysterical. And here is a middle aged woman (maybe a little on the big side, but it only adds to her femininity). She is wearing a free style dress made of natural material that does not get in her way. One would say classical style with elements of contemporary fashion. She looks original, move freely, and confidently. She is obviously enjoying herself, does not worry about taking her tummy in to conceal a recent meal or to avoid discomfort of an overly tight dress. This woman emanates harmony and tranquility. People usually like women like that and admire them. It has always been true that the best looking and most fashionable people are those in harmony with themselves and others. These are people who look after their bodies, but also their minds. Making sure that stress does not rule you over plays an important role. Forgetting and forgiving other people frees you from additional, unnecessary stress and saves your precious face from one more age mark. A daily walk in the forest or down the nearest toe path after work will not only fill your lungs with oxygen and air your head, but relax your body and mind and put a smile as well as a tranquil look on your face. Do not underestimate psychological wellbeing; it is a huge part of your good looks. Every bad thought results in an unpleasant feeling and consequently leads to bad behavior, which probably puts a new wrinkle on your face. People, who do not love themselves, do not love others.

Thus, in order to be loved and look good you have to be yourself, cherish what is beautiful in you not forgetting that you are already unique and you just have to let it show. Be natural in life, always work on your inner self and be better inside. The inner beauty shines through and on to your body. The only thing you have left to do then is give it an elegant and cozy touch with your stylish and characteristic clothes. If you feel comfortable and confident, people around you will feel this way too. You will always be not only fashionable but loving and loved too.