Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fashion Tips to Help You Out

Are you having a hard time dealing with fashion and usually end up forgetting about it altogether? Don’t worry you are not the only one confused when it comes to fashion and a lot of women like you are looking for simple tips that could them out. Here are a few things that you can do at the convenience of your home.

Fast and Easy Things You can Do

Invite close friends together and have a mini-modeling session. Try on all your favorite clothes and take note on what flatters you, your body type and your skin tone. Then once you have that down on paper, shop for similar colors, fabrics, textures, cuts and lengths. This is one great way to make sure that most or even everything in your wardrobe looks good on you.

Always be cautious about the fit. If you like a piece but it doesn’t fit right, it still wouldn’t look good on you. The best thing for you to do is compromise by having the piece altered. Take the dress or pants to a dressmaker and have it altered to fit you better.

A classic, well-cut suit that fits you right is an investment piece and would always look flattering on you. Just remember to get one in dark colors for they create long lines and give you the vertical lines that you want in order to look slimmer.

Always know your proportions. If you have a skinny bottom then chose fuller tops worn over narrow pants. For short waisted girls, opt for a long top with a short skirt. If you have a petite torso, then fitted tops with full pants is the best way to go.

When wearing bright colors, remember that they always bring attention to an area so wear colors wisely. If you want to draw attention to your legs then you might want to add a dash of color there compared to anywhere else.

When choosing prints - remember that the darker the background, the slimmer the look. Don’t be afraid to wear prints, just make sure that you find ones with overlapping images for they create a slimmer look rather than prints with wide spaces in between them. Also, scale the prints to your body size so that it doesn’t dwarf you nor make you look like an overstuffed turkey.

For tops, collared shirts frame your face and give your torso a few good inches. A v-neck is usually very flattering and makes your neck appear longer. Opt for boatneck if you want to minimize your hips and waists while at the same time emphasizing sexy shoulders.

For hosiery, make sure that your hose matches the color of your shoes and the color of your skirt. This somehow creates one long, flowing line and gives you the illusion of longer legs. If your legs are fuller on the inside, then a side slit is the best way to go but if your legs are full outside, then a back slit is a better choice.
Finally, there is no excuse for pantylines. They do not only look ugly, they also break the smooth silhouette that you want to achieve.