Friday, October 26, 2012

Bring Back Old Fashion as New Fashion With Flat Golf Caps

Golf caps have a number of styles and options that you can wear if you have the desire to cover your head while you are playing. One of those styles is a hat called the flat hat or the ivy hat. The ivy hat dates back to the 19th century when men use to wear them all the time at work and at social gatherings. Known for its flat to the head style and the tiny and stiff brim in the front, they gained, lost and regained popularity in the span of a few centuries. The flat golf caps are especially popular in European countries and are work significantly over there.

Ivy caps have been around longer than a lot of the caps that are popular today and yet the flat cap is still going strong with celebrities, musicians, sports people and others. The flat golf caps are worn by a number of professional c=golfers. Think of the flat beanie type looking hat that you have seen on the street and this is what we are talking about. They are popular, stylist and light to wear. They do not do a lot when it comes to blocking the sun but those that wear them are aware of their limitations.

These flat golf caps have seen many years of popularity followed by a long period of obscurity and now they are being worn again. They are available in many different colors and sizes but the style is pretty steady in the flat, no height size with the almost non-existent front brim. There are those flat caps that have ear flaps too but you don’t see them worn too often, at least not on the golf course (unless you are in Scotland perhaps). The designs that you can get on these caps are pretty diverse though such as pinstripes, plaids and solids.

These are the types of caps you either love or hate and when trying to get them for your golf game you might have to go to a specialty store to find them rather than a sporting goods store or a pro shop. Flat golf caps are very popular in Europe so you might find them in those golf stores but in the United States you will probably have better luck finding them in the online stores or other specialty type stores that you are aware of.
For sure the flat golf caps are not the most popular ones worn on the tour and when you go play a round of golf the majority of people will have on ball caps. There are a lot though that do like these caps and if you are one of them you should learn where to find them by browsing the internet and seeing if you can find them anywhere. You can key word search for them and you will get a listing of all the places that you might find them. The prices will vary so make sure you price around before your purchase anything. Like anything else online, you can always find it cheaper.